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happy birthday emily jayne

a year ago today. mid-doctoral program and contrary to all practical logic, i decided to start a company called Emily Jayne. there were certainly cautions that i was doing too much, but all that paled in comparison to the passion i felt for bringing this thing into being. rather than distract me from my studies, starting a business so deeply staked in the very sexy pleasure of our skin, scent and touch kept me honest about grad school and what i was doing there. from the academy to the bedroom, to the lab, i am unapologetically about rewriting the narratives (feminist and otherwise) that position black women as irreversibly bereft, lacking and damaged by slavery, racism and sexism. this leg of my journey is all about our pleasure — articulating it, demanding it and creating it. seeing this manifest, in part through Emily Jayne, watching us love the skin that we’re in, has been nothing short of joyous.

Happy first birthday. To Us.Image


Bare Beauty

Of course, I love this picture because Nonna‘s wearing Emily Jayne from hair to toes. But even more than that, I love the beauty of her bareness. The quiet, arresting confidence she exudes is the wish that I make for you with every batch of Emily Jayne that gets whipped up in my studio, especially for women. 
A feminist making forays into the beauty industry is potentially messy business. Its primary currency is insecurity, lack and neurosis its favorite marketing tool. I wanted something very different for Emily Jayne, namely to remind us how compelling we are when we define beauty on our own terms. This picture makes me think I might be on to something. 

Happy Birthday Emily Jayne.#LovingTheSkinThatWeAreInImage

The Proof is in the Ringlets

These Hair Butter results just came in from Claudia, one of our testers. The proof is in the Rlnglets. Image

More Happy Hair Testers

Our Happy Hair Testers

After months of testing and developing our new Hair Butter is just about ready to make its big debut. In the meantime, we thought we’d share some more pics of our testers and their seriously happy curls. 




lab epiphanies

Spent the last few days stumped, trying to formulate the scents for two new Emily Jayne products. This doesn’t really happen to me. The ideas for scents are somewhat nascent but they usually reveal themselves to me with considerable clarity and often with a bit of urgency. 

Woke up to the rains this morning, and it came to me clear as day to go look in the ‘vault’ where I keep the prototypes for my scents. There were two I’d formulated early, early on and had simply forgotten about. They’re perfect. Of course I’m going to have to reformulate them, since this was before I realized that I had to write down the formulations of every thing I make, even scents I think are mistakes or throw aways. Some of them have since become my bestsellers. 

Realizing that making scents is a lot like writing those embryonic characters or sentences we write and store away. They tend to return when they’re ready, fully formed and demanding to be born, but only after a proper gestation period. #LabWork #EmilyJayneImage



sabine's curls

Our Happy Hair Testers

Our Happy Hair Testers

After months of testing and developing our new Hair Butter is just about ready to make its big debut. In the meantime, we thought we’d share some pics of our testers and their seriously happy curls. 

Love Note from Judith: To Market To Market

Thank you so much! 

I got my goodies in the mail today. I am going to be smelling lovely this summer 🙂

Antilles Market was the shocker for me. I knew that Antilles Caribe would be a summer scent.  And I read the write-up on Night Bloom & you did not disappoint. Amazing scent.

Antilles Market – read the product detail and didn’t know what to expect. I love the way it smells. Peppery and sweet. Hmmm…I have to get a big jar of that for my next purchase.

So glad I came across a write up of you on the Afrobella site

Have a great evening sistren!


Emily Jayne Hair Butter: Our Awesome Testers

Emily Jayne Hair Butter: Our Awesome Testers

Our new Hair Butter is almost here! Just waiting on the final labels from our brilliant designers at Sweet Luka. In the meantime, look at the results from our awesome testers. Some of them couldn’t wait. They’ve already started ordering…by the case. 

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