by byemilyjayne

Homie she may very well be, but let’s face it, Michaela angela Davis‘ coif is nothing short of iconic, which means you wait a good, long, careful time before you give her your new Curl Butter to sample. Cuz after two decades of friendship we don’t do exactly do spare-the-ego-soothe-the-homegirl. So y’all know I was beyond excited to get these pics from her with rave reviews. Nothing like getting a prime spot in your beauty expert/image activist/diva darling’s primp regimen. So here she is:

Michaela Angela Davis. Beautiful and #MadButtered

Come check us out on Wednesday 10/30 at Ailey Studios in NYC where MAD and I will be “Dropping F-Bombs” and truth-telling on exactly what it means to be in our #FortiesFierceFeminist. 6pm. Moderated by Ebony.com’s Jamilah Lemieux.

40 Emily Jayne give-aways to the first 40 guests. Curl Butter goodness, Wench-y Body Butter naughtiness and CC BlaQ & Co. Coitus Candles available for purchase.Image