happy birthday emily jayne

by byemilyjayne

a year ago today. mid-doctoral program and contrary to all practical logic, i decided to start a company called Emily Jayne. there were certainly cautions that i was doing too much, but all that paled in comparison to the passion i felt for bringing this thing into being. rather than distract me from my studies, starting a business so deeply staked in the very sexy pleasure of our skin, scent and touch kept me honest about grad school and what i was doing there. from the academy to the bedroom, to the lab, i am unapologetically about rewriting the narratives (feminist and otherwise) that position black women as irreversibly bereft, lacking and damaged by slavery, racism and sexism. this leg of my journey is all about our pleasure — articulating it, demanding it and creating it. seeing this manifest, in part through Emily Jayne, watching us love the skin that we’re in, has been nothing short of joyous.

Happy first birthday. To Us.Image