lab epiphanies

by byemilyjayne

Spent the last few days stumped, trying to formulate the scents for two new Emily Jayne products. This doesn’t really happen to me. The ideas for scents are somewhat nascent but they usually reveal themselves to me with considerable clarity and often with a bit of urgency. 

Woke up to the rains this morning, and it came to me clear as day to go look in the ‘vault’ where I keep the prototypes for my scents. There were two I’d formulated early, early on and had simply forgotten about. They’re perfect. Of course I’m going to have to reformulate them, since this was before I realized that I had to write down the formulations of every thing I make, even scents I think are mistakes or throw aways. Some of them have since become my bestsellers. 

Realizing that making scents is a lot like writing those embryonic characters or sentences we write and store away. They tend to return when they’re ready, fully formed and demanding to be born, but only after a proper gestation period. #LabWork #EmilyJayneImage