by byemilyjayne

Last night, I received this little bit of loveliness from an Emily Jayne newbie:

“Evening – I just got my order. I have to say I have never smelled ANYTHING like these fragrance combinations. Very unique & complex. 

Driftwood is lovely – reminds me of the smell of our national tree in Jamaica. You know when you go a craft market a roadside & buy de wood crafts dem? That soothing deep, woodsy smell. 

Wench – I have been smelling my arm all night. I wash & lotion up two kids & the smell is still there. And the scent keeps changing – kiss me neck! I will be wearing Wench tomorrow to work – watch out!!

So worth the wait!!”

Newly converted Wench”

Sigh. #ILoveItWhenTheYardysGetIt