Lemon Balm: The Multi-Tasker

by byemilyjayne

We are all about the sexy here at Emily Jayne but that doesn’t mean that when the temperatures plunge that we don’t understand the utility of an oversize hoody and some fleece. Inspired by my Mom’s unfailing ability to make the most perfect cup of lemon tea, Lemon Balm is comfort food for the skin.

A clean, crisp mix of fresh lemons deepened and made sophisticated by the mysteries of myrrh, this seriously moisturizing butter is a temporary cure for those mid-winter blues and the dry skin miseries it brings.

When temps rise — as they invariably will — be sure to take the travel size on the road. This mini-size multi-tasker also does major duty as a face cream, hair moisturizer and lip balm.

Trust us, you’ll never be held hostage by TSA’s 3 oz. rule again. Available in 2 oz. and 4 oz. sizes at: http://www.byemilyjayne.com/~shop/butter/lemon-balm/89542/

Lemon Balm